Boat Building

Tacoma Boat Launches First Of Two Tug/Supply Vessels For Tidewater Marine

Tacoma Boatbuilding Company of Tacoma, Wash., recently launched its first tug/supply vessel for Tidewater Marine of New Orleans, La. The Sun Tide is the first of two being built under a $12-million contract. The 218-foot vessel has four engines supplying the oceangoing workboat with 7,


Nickum & Spaulding Completes Design Of Crab Boat For Operation In Bering Sea

Nickum & Spaulding Associates, Inc. of Seattle, Wash., has completed the design of a 100- foot crab boat for Stuart Ferris of Kodiak, Alaska. The boat will be built by Mitchell D. Phares/ Boat Construction, 221 Mar Vista Avenue, Wilmington, Calif.

Captain Tom Smith Forms CTS And Associates

Capt. Tom Smith, well-known international marine surveyor, until recently vice president of Nelson and Associates, Inc., announces the formation of CTS and Associates, international marine consultants, surveyors, engineers and ultrasonic technicians

Canada's Largest OSRV Designed By MARCO

A new design oil spill recovery vessel from MARCO Pollution Control, one of the world's largest builders and designers of these type vessels, was recently commissioned by a Canadian owner. Called the Burrard Cleaner No. 9, she is the largest oil recovery vessel serving Canada.

Halter Marine Adds Tenth Shipyard

Halter Marine, Inc. has added the 10th shipyard to its rapidly expanding group with the opening of a new division at Chickasaw, Ala. The new shipyard is located on a fork of the Mobile River five miles north of the city of Mobile, on a site formerly occupied by the Gulf Shipyard.

Boat Workers Rally For Luxury Tax Repeal

About 400 people consisting of boat workers, Senators and Congressmen rallied on the center steps of the U.S. Capitol Building to urge Congress and the White House for the immediate repeal of the luxury tax, which has severely hurt the U.S. boatbuilding industry.

Tacoma Boat To Build Nine USCG Cutters At Cost Of $646 Million

Tacoma Boatbuilding Company, Tacoma, Wash., has been awarded a contract to construct nine 270- foot, medium-endurance cutters for the United States Coast Guard. Original contract price for the cutters is $378 million; however, with the escalation factor b u i l t into the contract price,

Tacoma Boat Completes $143-Million Financing To Build Two Thai Corvettes

Tacoma Boatbuilding Co., Tacoma, Wash., reported today that all outstanding conditions have been met to finalize the award of a $143-million contract for the design and construction of two 252- foot corvettes for Thailand. The contract had previously

Canter Named President Of At-Sea Incineration

Howard R. Canter has been appointed president of At-Sea Incineration, Inc. (ASI), according to a recent announcement by B. James Lowe, president and chief executive officer of Tacoma Boatbuilding Company. He succeeds Gerald R. Schiller, who has

Tacoma Boat Awarded $110-Million Contract To Build Passenger Liner

B. James Lowe, president of Tacoma Boatbuilding Company of Tacoma, Wash., has announced that details of a contract valued at $110 million with Gulf Pacific Cruise Lines of Houston for construction of an 800-passenger cruise liner have been finalized.

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